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EMBO Workshop

Tissue-resident immune cells in health and disease

20 – 23 March 2024 | Marseille, France

  • Registration Deadline
  • 29 February 2024
  • Abstract Submission Deadline
  • 29 February 2024
  • Chosen Participants Will Be Notified
  • By Email
  • Payment Deadline
  • 29 February 2024

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About the Workshop

Resident immune cells are present in all organs of the body. They span both myeloid and lymphoid cell lineages and include macrophages, mast cells, innate lymphoid cells, memory T and B cells and non-classical T cells. These cells are adapted to meet local requirements, but also share core properties across sites. Besides their roles as immune sentinels, tissue-resident immune cells also detect perturbations in homeostasis and contribute to developmental processes, normal organ functioning and pathology. They are thus essential for homeostasis, health and disease.

Recent advancements in genetic fate-mapping and single-cell profiling have shed further light on biology of these cells. However, there are still gaps in our knowledge. For example, we have yet to understand the full extent of unique and shared features between sites and lineages. Similarly, the mechanisms responsible for the positioning and retention of immune cells within their niches remain poorly understood.

This workshop will provide an up-to-date overview of recent discoveries concerning the ontogeny, functions and positioning of tissue-resident immune cells. It brings together leading experts of all career stages, who cover a wide range of lineages, organs and biological contexts, making this a unique opportunity for those interested in tissue immunity beyond individual aspects.

Participants will therefore have the unique opportunity to explore shared and specific aspects of resident immune cell biology, which is not possible at meetings focused on individual lineages, tissues or conditions. This will inform future strategies for targeted modulation of resident immune cells in the treatment of cancers, infections, and autoimmune or inflammatory diseases.

Satellite Meeting: Luminy Advanced Course in Immunology, March 18 to 20, 2024.

On the preceding days, a 3-day training course is offered at Center of Immunology at Marseille Luminy (CIML) for 24 PhD students or Early Stage Researchers interested by the topic of the EMBO workshop and willing to acquire skills in cutting edge immunological techniques. Taught by leading experts in the field of Spectral Flow Cytometry, Light sheet /3D microscopy and Spatial Transcriptomics, the course will provide expert tuition in workflows and analysis pipelines with access to state-of-the-art equipment and software in a small group format.

About EMBO Courses and Workshops

EMBO Courses and Workshops are selected for their excellent scientific quality and timelines, provision of good networking activities for all participants and speaker gender diversity (at least 40% of speakers must be from the underrepresented gender).

Organisers are encouraged to implement measures to make the meeting environmentally more sustainable.







  • Registration Deadline
  • 29 February 2024
  • Abstract Submission Deadline
  • 29 February 2024
  • Chosen Participants Will Be Notified
  • By Email
  • Payment Deadline
  • 29 February 2024



* Green travellers in student/postdoc and academic categories receive a 100 Euro rebate

Registration includes:

  • Access to the sessions
  • Digital Conference Material
  • Welcome reception
  • Coffee and lunch breaks
  • Wine and Cheese during poster sessions
  • Gala Dinner
  • Social events
  • Eco-activities

Accommodation is NOT included

The online registration includes

  • Access to online sessions (keynote talks and all lectures)
  • Digital Conference Material


Participants are required to register also to Azur-Colloque, through which payment will be handled.

Azur-Colloque requires a two-step process.

Acceptance of preregistration will be confirmed by @mail and will grant access to final registration.

For Green fares, preregistration will be confirmed only after proof of green mobility (see sustainability measures for details).

Payment can be done by credit card (for international participants) or by credit card and institutional order (for French participants).

Selection criteria

All participants will be asked to provide an abstract and to indicate whether they wish to present a poster or short talk. Selection will be operated on the basis of scientific excellence and pertinence. Due to space limitation, posters will be limited to 30 per session. If needed, the selection for posters and short talks will be operated by the organizing committee.

Attention will be paid to gender ratio, minorities representation and geographical distribution for the final list of attendees

Abstract guidelines

Abstract should be written in English.

It should include:

  • Title
  • Authors and their affiliation
  • The length should not exceed 600 words

Text should include a short introductory paragraph, aims, methodology and main results.

A disclaimer should be also provided.

Poster specifications

Poster dimensions will be:

75cm (w) x 115cm (h) in portrait format

Travel grants and registration fee waivers

Travel grants and registration fee waivers are available for participants.

Selection of awardees is handled directly by the organizers. EMBO travel grants and registration fee waivers are allocated on the basis of the quality of the submitted abstract.

Applicants do not need to apply separately for these but should indicate on the registration form if they wish to be considered.

Additional travel grants are available for EMBC Associate Member States Chile, India, Singapore and Taiwan.

Special travel grants and registration fee waivers

A limited number of travel grants and registration fee waivers are availablefor scientists working in Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey. Grants are allocated on the basis of the quality of the submitted abstract.

A maximum of 700 Euros per participant are available to cover registration fees, travel, and accommodation (no additional subsistence costs can be covered). To apply, please indicate the itemized amount requested in the travel grants section of the registration form.

Child care grants

EMBO Courses and Workshops offers grants to offset additional childcare costs incurred by participants or speakers when participating at any EMBO Courses and Workshop funded meeting. Eligible costs include fees for a caregiver or child-care facility, travel costs for a caregiver, or travel costs for taking the child to the meeting etc. Please indicate on the registration form whether you would like to be considered for the grant. Please also describe how you intend to use the childcare grant and specify the sum that you will need.


A discount on registration fees, “green” fees, will be provided to participants traveling by green mode mobility (train, care share, boat…). A formal proof or personal declaration of honor will nevertheless be required to justify access to reduced fees for green travels.

Catering providers will be chosen according to their belonging to the Écotable labelling that reflects eco-responsible enterprises aligned to a responsible environmental approach in catering. Along the same line, disposable plastic objects will be banned (water bottles, disposable crockery and cutlery, etc.).

The Métropole d'Aix-Marseille-Provence, which will be hosting the event at the Hemicycle, is committed to an eco-responsible approach, particularly in terms of waste management.

Reduced energy consumption solutions will be implemented with service providers.

Conference material (program, abstract book leaflets etc.) will only be provided in digital format.

The effective carbon footprint of the event will be assessed afterwards and a positive action of environment restoration will be taken to reimburse Carbon offset in partnership with Parc des Calanques

An activity to collect waste on the beaches of Marseille will be organized with the local player association Recycle Plastique.

Code of conduct

Anti-harassment and non-discrimination policy

At EMBO, we believe that harassment and discriminatory behaviour are unacceptable in any setting. EMBO's code of conduct is applicable for all participants of this EMBO meeting and can be found here.



Anita Dumenil





Hémicycle Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence,

58 Boulevard Charles Livon,13007 Marseille FR


Accommodation is not included in registration fees.

The venue is located downtown Marseille. Several hotels at various fares are available nearby. We recommend in coherence with our eco-responsibility policy to book a hotel belonging to the following green key list: link


Direct plane routes serve Marseille from many capital cities in Europe. Fast trains (TGV or AVE) connect Marseille to Brussels, Genève, Paris, Madrid and London.

The airport is approximately at 30 km west to Marseille, and bus services run every 15 min to the railway station.

About the Area

The location is in the center of town and the venue is fully accessible through soft mobility. It can be easily reached from the railway station by subway (2 stops) plus a short walk or bus drive (10 min approximately), The airport shuttle serves directly the railway station. Low cost and easy access city bikes are available all over town and the nearest bike station is in front of the venue. Access to the venue and all facilities is granted to disabled people.

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