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EMBO | The Company of Biologists Workshop

'Trans-Scale Biology' using exotic non-model organisms

25 – 27 July 2023 | Okazaki, Japan

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  • Registration Deadline
  • 15 June 2023
  • Poster Abstract Submission Deadline
  • 15 May 2023
  • Chosen Short Talk Speakers Will Be Notified By
  • 31 May 2023

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About the Workshop

Recent technical innovations such as genome editing, next-generation sequencing, single-cell omics, modern imaging technologies are transforming today’s biology. The new technologies allow us to study ANY organisms at ANY levels from molecular to a group of individuals, which has been especially difficult for exotic non-model organisms until recently. Such exotic organisms facilitate exciting new questions that can be asked for the first time, or facilitate unprecedented ability to explore long-standing fundamental questions in life sciences. Also, these new technologies promote our understanding of the organisms of interest at a wide range of scales from molecular, cellular, organ, individual even to interactions between species (e.g. symbiosis and sociality), which we term "Trans-Scale Biology"

Nevertheless, establishing new models is still a big challenge. In this EMBO | Company of Biologists Workshop, we invite researchers who are pioneering new biology using exotic non-model organisms. While some issues such as breeding methods are specific to each model system, many issues including the development of genome editing and imaging protocol, genomic resources are common problems. We hope researchers can exchange useful information across the species and disciplines.

This EMBO | Company of Biologists Workshop will be held in Okazaki, Japan on the initiative of National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB). Since NIBB is the institute serving as a center of excellence in cooperation with other universities and research organizations in Japan, we aim to nurture the scientific community of Japanese and European scientists by leveraging the framework of the EMBO|Company of Biologists Workshop.

About the Satellite meeting (July 28th (Fri), 2023, at Okazaki)

A satellite meeting related to the EMBO Workshop will be held at the same venue on July 28th (Fri), 2023. The meeting title is "New Approaches for the Properties of Bio-materials". This meeting is organized by two KAKENHI research groups in Japan and is focusing on "Bioimaging in scattering and fluctuating fields" and "Body shape and construction". For detail, please visit the meeting website.

If you wish to join the satellite meeting, please register from the website.

About the top image
Prof. Shuji Shigenobu (NIBB, JP), an organizer of this workshop, and his colleagues have discovered that the eusocial aphid Ceratovacuna japonica (right figure: the aphid colony on the bamboo glass) horbors two symbiotic bacteria, Buchnera and Arsenophorus (left figure: an electron microscopic image of these symbionts), forming a co-obligate symbiosis. Both symbionts reside in the same host organ, but within distinct specialized cells. The localization of Buchnera is labeled with green and that of Arsenophorus is labeled with magenta in the middle figure. The genomes of both symbiotic bacteria were determined and the researchers found that metabolic and developmental integration exists among the two symbionts and the host, as illustrated in the inset in the left figure which displays the genome structure of Buchnera.

Ref: Yorimoto et al. (2022) iScience, 25, 105478. DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.105478

This EMBO Workshop was made possible by funding provided by The Company of Biologists.

About EMBO Courses and Workshops

EMBO Courses and Workshops are selected for their excellent scientific quality and timelines, provision of good networking activities for all participants and speaker gender diversity (at least 40% of speakers must be from the underrepresented gender).

Organisers are encouraged to implement measures to make the meeting environmentally more sustainable.





Please find the list of poster presentations here.



  • Registration Deadline
  • 15 June 2023
  • Poster Abstract Submission Deadline
  • 15 May 2023
  • Chosen Short Talk Speakers Will Be Notified By
  • 31 May 2023


    (around 70~80 EUR)
  • ACADEMIC JPY 15,000
    (around 110~125 EUR)

Registration includes:

  • Meals during the workshop

Please note that accommodation is not included in the registration fee (please also see the accommodation information below).

If you join an excursion event after the workshop, the workshop office will contact you to inform you of the details.


The payment of the registration fee will be made at the reception desk of the venue.

Please pay by Japanese Yen cash only. Credit cards or other methods of payment are not acceptable.

Selection criteria

Selection for short talks in the workshop is made on the basis of:

- How relevant the proposal is to the theme of the conference, i.e. non-model organisms and/or trans-scale biology.

- The extent to which the proposal can be judged to be novel and offer practical value to conference participants.

- Students and early-stage researchers are prioritized.

Abstract guidelines

We encourage participants to give a poster presentation.

1) Download an abstract template file from here.

2) Convert it to be in PDF format.

3) Email it to the workshop office (

Poster specifications

The poster board at the venue is 90 cm in width x 120 cm in height.

Further details will be provided to poster presenters by email.

Travel grants and registration fee waivers

A limited number of travel grants and registration fee waivers are available for participants.

Applicants should indicate on the registration form if they wish to be considered, and must submit their poster abstract and application form by email to the workshop office (
Download an application form file from here.

Selection of awardees is handled directly by the organizers. EMBO travel grants and registration fee waivers are allocated on the basis of the quality of the submitted documents.

Additional travel grants are available for EMBC Associate Member States Chile, India, Singapore and Taiwan.

Special travel grants and registration fee waivers

A limited number of travel grants and registration fee waivers are availablefor scientists working in Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey.

A maximum of 700 Euros per participant are available to cover registration fees, travel, and accommodation (no additional subsistence costs can be covered). To apply, please indicate the itemized amount requested in the travel grants section of the registration form.

Applicants should indicate on the registration form if they wish to be considered, and must submit their poster abstract and application form (see above) by email to the workshop office (

Selection of awardees is handled directly by the organizers. Grants are allocated on the basis of the quality of the submitted documents.

Child care grants

EMBO Courses and Workshops offers grants to offset additional childcare costs incurred by participants or speakers when participating at any EMBO Courses and Workshop funded meeting. Eligible costs include fees for a caregiver or child-care facility, travel costs for a caregiver, or travel costs for taking the child to the meeting etc. Please indicate on the registration form whether you would like to be considered for the grant. Please also describe how you intend to use the childcare grant and specify the sum that you will need.

Code of conduct

Anti-harassment and non-discrimination policy

This EMBO meeting shall maintain an environment free of harassment and discriminatory behaviour for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, beliefs (religious or otherwise) or manner of articulation.

Harassment and discrimination of attendees in any form, either in person or online is not tolerated.

Attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and all communication and behavior should conform to a respectful environment for all.



Kiyoshi Tatematsu

EMBO Workshop "Trans-Scale Biology using exotic non-model organisms" Office

National Institute for Basic Biology, Japan




Okazaki Conference Center (OCC)

Azatenma 8-1, Myodaiji,

Okazaki 444-0864, Japan


Accommodations should be personally arranged.

This is a list of hotels in the vicinity of the venue, the Okazaki Conference Center.

Okazaki New Grand Hotel

Tel: +81-564-21-5111 Fax: +81-564-21-0109


Tel: +81-564-21-7001

Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel

Tel: +81-564-26-3111 Fax: +81-564-26-3112

Super Hotel Okazaki

Tel: +81-564-28-9000 Fax: +81-564-28-9003

Hotel LiVEMAX Okazaki

Tel: +81-564-65-3340 Fax: +81-564-65-3341

Mishima Lodge (Institute guest house)

The lodge is located next to the venue. Single rooms are equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, TV set and an in-room wireless Internet connection. A wired Internet connection is available in the lobby.

The workshop office will reserve a few rooms at the lodge. The cost will be 2,600 JPY as of writing. If you wish to book a room at Mishima Lodge, please contact us at "".


The nearest station from the venue is “Higashi-Okazaki Station” (Meitetsu Railway Line). To reach the conference center, exit the south entrance of the station and walk straight up the hill and follow the road veering left for approximately 10 min. The conference center will be on your left-hand side.

From Central Japan International Airport (Centrair: NGO)

Take the Meitetsu line towards Nagoya Station [NH36], transfer to a train bound for Toyohashi [NH01] at Jingumae station [NH33]. Get off at Higashi-Okazaki Station [NH13] (approximately 1 hr).

From Narita (Tokyo) International Airport


Transfer to a domestic flight to Central Japan International Airport.


Take a JR Narita Express train and get off at Tokyo Station (approximately 1 hr). When you arrive at Tokyo station, please follow the directions listed below.

From Tokyo Station (Japan Rail)

Take a Tokaido Shinkansen ('bullet train') HIKARI or KODAMA service and get off at Toyohashi Station (approximately 2 hrs and 30 min). Transfer to the Meitetsu Railway Line (track #3) at Toyohashi Station [NH01]. Take any train (the LIMITED EXPRESS trains are the fastest, and LOCAL trains are the slowest) and get off at Higashi Okazaki Station [NH13] (approximately 20 min from Toyohashi Station by LIMITED EXPRESS).

From Kansai (Osaka) International Airport

Take the JR Haruka airport shuttle train from Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka Station (approximately 45 min) and transfer to the Tokyo-bound Tokaido Shinkansen. At Nagoya Station (approximately 1 hr from Shin-Osaka Station) transfer to the Meitetsu Railways’ LIMITED EXPRESS (track #4) bound for Toyohashi Station [NH01] and get off at Higashi Okazaki Station [NH13] (approximately 30 min).

About the Area

For more information of Okazaki, please refer to the following websites;

For English:

For Japanese:

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