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EMBO Workshop

The genome in three dimensions

20 – 24 May 2019 | Kyllini, Greece

  • Registration Deadline
  • 20 March 2019
  • Abstract Submission Deadline
  • 10 March 2019
  • Chosen Participants Will Be Notified By
  • 10 March 2019
  • Payment Deadline
  • 31 March 2019

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About the Workshop

It is now well accepted that our genome is much more than a passive, one-dimensional, storage unit of genetic information. Advances over the last decade alone have paved new and exciting ways for studying genomes as three-dimensional entities with distinct temporal dynamics. Such studies are helping us explain the overarching architecture of chromosomes and their regulatory plasticity. Nonetheless, this field of study is rapidly evolving and new technologies, new challenges, and new insights into the structure-to-function relationship of genomes emerge every day. As a result, this EMBO Workshop will bring together established and younger experts for four days of focused discussions on (i) the contribution of chromatin topology in homeostasis and disease, (ii) the mechanistic basis of chromatin looping and spatial communication between regulatory elements and genes, as well as on (iii) recent experimental and computational modeling advances for dissecting genomic architecture and its dynamics. Ultimately, we will be seeking to unify and integrate views and data to obtain an updated and coherent appreciation of how chromosomes are folded in order to execute their functions.

About EMBO Courses and Workshops

EMBO Courses and Workshops are selected for their excellent scientific quality and timelines, provision of good networking activities for all participants and speaker gender diversity (at least 40% of speakers must be from the underrepresented gender).

Organisers are encouraged to implement measures to make the meeting environmentally more sustainable.







  • Registration Deadline
  • 20 March 2019
  • Abstract Submission Deadline
  • 10 March 2019
  • Chosen Participants Will Be Notified By
  • 10 March 2019
  • Payment Deadline
  • 31 March 2019



Registration includes:

  • Transportation from the Athens and Araxos airports, and the Kyllini port, according to the program.
  • Conference attendance and material
  • Group excursion to Ancient Olympia
  • Opening/farewell reception and coffee breaks

Registration fees do not include accommodation.


Following confirmation of acceptance, participants will receive an email with payment instructions. Completion of payment within 14 of acceptance notice is required.

Selection criteria

The main criteria for participant selection will be the scientific quality and research relevance to the workshop’s themes as judged by the submitted abstract. In addition, the following will be taken into consideration:

  • Geographical representation
  • Gender balance
  • Age/seniority balance

Several opportunities for short talks are available, and will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

Abstract guidelines

Abstracts are expected to mostly describe unpublished work. Altogether abstracts should not exceed 300 words (incl. any citations). Please make sure full authors’ names and affiliations are included, and indicate if you would like your abstract to be considered for an oral presentation.

Poster specifications

Please bring a printed version of your poster, size A0, to the venue. All posters will remain displayed throughout the meeting. Ample time is allocated for poster presentation and discussion in two dedicated sessions.

Travel grants

A limited number of travel grants are available for participants. Applicants do not need to apply separately for travel grants for this event but should indicate on the registration form if they wish to be considered for a travel grant. Selection of awardees is handled directly by the organizer who will notify all eligible participants. More information is available at EMBO Travel Grants' page.

Child care grant

EMBO Courses and Workshops offers grants to offset additional child care costs incurred by participants or speakers when participating at any EMBO Courses and Workshop funded meeting. Eligible costs include fees for a caregiver or child-care facility, travel costs for a caregiver, or travel costs for taking the child to the meeting etc. Please indicate on the registration form whether you would like to be considered for the grant. Please also describe how you intend to use the child care grant and specify the sum that you will need.



Prof. Argyris Papantonis

+49 221 478 89598




The Olympia Riviera Resort is set on a 500-acre wooded estate along a sandy beach, facing the Ionian islands. Accommodation at the resort consists of rooms and bungalows in the same area with the convention center.

Olympia Riviera Resort/Grecotel Mega Resort

27050 Loutra Kyllinis,




Accommodation for all participants will be at the Olympia Riviera Resort and is all-inclusive (full board, incl. three meals). It is directly arranged by the organizers and will be booked for each participant upon registration. Please indicate if you wish to share a room with any participant in particular.

  • Three-bed room: 295 EUR per person (for 5 days/4 nights)
  • Two-bed room: 375 EUR per person (for 5 days/4 nights)
  • Single room: 585 EUR (for 5 days/4 nights)

The Olympia Riviera Resort occupies 5,000 m² with direct access to a sandy beach on the Ionian Sea, while offering excellent conference facilities and. It is ideal for scientific interactions in a relaxed environment, and located near the site of Ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games first took place, and a visit there is planned as part of the recreational side of the workshop.


Kyllini, where the workshop venue is located, lies on the west coast of the Peloponnese in mainland Greece. It is 55 km from Araxos International Airport, approximately 300 km from Athens International Airport and 150 km from Kalamata International Airport. Kyllini is connected by frequent boat trips to the island of Zakynthos (Zante, 1-hour trip), where another international airport is located.

Conference Bus transfers will be arranged for all participants at specific times from:


Trip duration: 3 hrs


Trip duration: 45 min

Port of Kyllini (for participants arriving at the Zakynthos International Airport)

Trip duration: 10 min

This service cost is included in the registration fee only for specific dates and times, which will be announced when registrations are completed.

If you are arriving at the Athens International Airport please note that it is advisable to arrive at the airport before 13:00 on 20.05 and leave after 16:00 on 24.05.

How to get to the Venue on your own

Driving Directions:

A. From Araxos Airport, Patras to Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort

Distance 52.0 km, about 1 hour

1. Head south on the road to Araxou-Lapa toward Metochi -Kalogria (6.0 km)

2. Sharp right to stay on the road to Araxou-Lapa (0.8 km)

3. Continue on Araxo - Metochi -Kalogria (1.0 km)

4. Turn right at Route 9/E55/National Road Patron-Pyrgou (28.3 km)

5. Continue on the National Road to Pyrgos until Gastouni – Vartholomio – Loutra Kyllinis. Turn right and drive thought Gastouni – Vartholomio and follow the signs to Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort & Loutra Kyllinis (15.9 km)

B. From Athens International Airport to Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort

Distance 319 km, about 3.5 hours

1. Follow signs from airport to ATHENS (Route 62/Attiki Odos) (0.9 km)

2. Turn left to stay on Route 62/Attiki Odos (5.6 km)

3. Take exit K2 to merge onto Route 6/E94 toward Elefsina (Toll road 48.3 km)

4. Take the exit onto Route 8A/E94/Following signs for PATRAS (Toll road 58.8 km)

5. Continue on Route E65/ Following signs for PATRAS. (Toll Road123 km)

6. Continue on Route 9/E55 Patras-Pyrgos (66.5 km)

7. Continue on the National Road to Pyrgos until Gastouni – Vartholomio – Loutra Kyllinis.

Turn right and drive thought Gastouni – Vartholomio and follow the signs to Loutra Kyllinis. (15.9 km)

C. From Zakynthos Airport to Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort

Trip duration approximately 2 hours

Zakynthos is the southernmost and third largest in both size and population of the Ionian Islands. It is situated 8,5 nautical miles south of Kefalonia, 9,5 nautical miles west of the Peloponese and approximately 300 kilometres west of the capital of Greece, Athens. During the tourist season (April to October) there are direct charter connections between Zakynthos and a number of European cities. The airport in Zakynthos is found in the area of Ampelokipi, 3 km from the city/port and the connection to the port is only by taxi. There are approximately six ferry boats per day connecting Zakynthos to Kyllini. Because the itineraries change often, please contact the ticket offices by phone a few weeks before your travel or check with us.

Further information:

Consortium of Zakynthian Boats

Zakynthos +30 26950, 22083, 48301

Kyllini +30 26230, 92294, 92422.

Shuttle bus service will operate from the Kyllini port to the venue at specific dates and times.

Public Transportation

Please find hereunder directions for the use of public transportation from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport to the Conference venue:

From Eleftherios Venizelos Airport to Kifissos Bus Station

Kifissos Bus Terminal (or Bus Terminal A) is one of the two main intercity bus terminals of Athens. From airport 'Eleftherios Venizelos' the bus line X93 takes you directly to Kifissos Bus Terminal and vice versa. Service is provided on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week. All buses disembark passengers at the Departures Level (inbound trips to airport) and depart from the Arrivals Level (outbound trips from airport). BUS tickets are sold at the info/ticket-kiosk (located outside the Arrivals between Exits 4 and 5), or onboard (ask operator) at no extra cost.

Time estimate: 65 min. Ticket cost ca. 5 €

The national bus company KTEL is located at Kiffisos providing a daily coach service. Take the bus from Kifissos Bus Station to Gastouni

- Athens - Gastouni 07.00 (07.30 only on Sundays) - 09.00 – 11.00 - 13.00 - 15.00 - 17.05 - 19.00 - 22.00

- Gastouni - Athens 5.20 (except Sundays) - 07.50 - 10.20 - 12.50 - 15.00 – 17.00 - 19.20 (except Saturdays) - 00.50

Time estimate: 4 hours. Ticket cost ca. 25 €

For more information or confirmation for the above departure times please call: Bus Station Athens: (+30) 210 5134110-111 Bus Station Gastouni: (+30) 26230 35115

From Gastouni to Grecotel Olympia Riviera

From Gastouni you can reach the Conference Venue by taxi. Taxis are available at the Bus Station area.

Time estimate: 10 min. Cost ca. 20€

About the Area


During classical times, Olympia was the city of Ilia best known as the area where the Olympic Games took place, the greatest athletic event of the then-Greek world. Today, Ancient Olympia is a municipality of Ilia, built in the valley of river Alpheus, nearby which lies the archaeological site, one of the most popular ones in Greece!


River Neda is one of the few rivers of Greece that still offer an environment so virgin and untouched by human activity. Besides, it is the only major Greek river given a female name, in honour of the nymph Neda, a deity of the waters. Neda, according to the Greek Mythology, had bathed the infant Zeus in the river Gortynios (Lousios), together with the nymphs Theisoa and Agno. The river crosses a narrow canyon of unimaginable beauty, creating an almost mystical landscape, with waterfalls and natural pools spread between wooded hill slopes, under the shade of huge plane-trees, oaks, fig-trees, and thick bushy vegetation


Almost hidden in a wild and imposing landscape, on a narrow terrace of Mt. Kotilion, at 3710 ft., 14 km southwest of Andritsena, is the magnificent temple of Apollo Epicurus. At this site called Bassae during ancient times, in the 7th century B.C., the citizens of the small state of Figaleia (Arcadia Peloponnese) had established the temple of Apollo, whom they worshiped with the title “Epicurus”—helper and deliverer in sickness or war. The title was given during the war with the Spartans, around 650 B.C. The temple is considered one of the best-preserved classic monuments all over Greece, together with the temple of Ifestos in the ancient Agora of Athens, and easily takes the first place in the Peloponnese, for the beauty and harmony of its structure.


Moving east, towards Olympia, you will meet the River Alfios, from where you will continue the course towards Lala and the high plateau of Foloi (or Pholoi), on Mt. Erymanthos. The vast forest of Foloi is a fabulous place, famous for the myths and legends that are connected with it in local legend. This is the site of the kingdom of Pholus—son of Silenos and the nymph Melia—the kind and virtuous Centaur that gave shelter to Hercules, when he was hunting the Erymanthian Bore. It is considered the oldest European self planted beech and oak forest and the biggest of the Balkans. It spreads for almost 33,000 square meters, on Mt. Foloi, at 688 m altitude, while the rivers Erymanthos and Ladon create a unique and enchanting environment. The area is recognized as protected parkland by the NATURA 2000 network.

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